Anopol South: Ten years on


10 Jun Anopol South: Ten years on

By John Swain

It was in 2005 that Anopol (South) Ltd first occupied the new factory and offices on the Bordon Trading Estate. The premises had been laid out to accommodate state of the art plant and equipment mainly for pickling and electropolishing of stainless steel fabrications and components. Small parts can be barrel electopolished in bulk and fabrication weighing up to 15 tonne can be handled. This originally involved an investment of over £1 million by the parent company in Birmingham.

Business has expanded significantly over the last ten years, particularly on the electropolishing of stainless steel front. In addition to regular repeat orders, Anopol South has been involved in processing a number of special projects, including several sculptures created by a variety of gifted sculptors. A recent ‘special’ was electropolishing two large crocodile cages for London zoos. These were fabricated from stainless steel by wire workers A Harvey & Co in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

Anopol is a registered IED (previously IPPC) organisation, ensuring that it complies with all its commitments to protect the environment. Additionally, it holds ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certification. The company is part of the Anopol Group, which was the subject of a MBO two years ago.

The company operates two commercial vehicles, which collect and return a wide range of stainless steel items, requiring pickling or electropolishing, from diverse manufacturers situated in the south of England.

Turnover has increased three-fold over this period of time and an expansion of the workforce and the plant and equipment they operate has been necessary to cope with the ever growing workload. Tony Mustill has been the managing director during this period of expansion. He has a long history of working in the stainless steel finishing industry and is able to act as trouble shooter when processing complex items.

Further investment means that Anopol South is ripe for still more expansion over the next ten years

Illustrations: Crocodile Cage

Large fabrication arriving at Anopol’s works



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