Our Values … Our DNA


Integrity is everything.  We act with integrity, show respect and assume positive intent.


Highest Customer Service

We really care about what we do, our aim is to delight our customers not just get the job done.


Environmentally responsible

We don’t make the easy choices, we do what is needed to preserve our environment for future generations.



We are the best at what we do; we care about making our customers feel respected and valued.



We make time for creative thinking. We challenge ourselves and our customers.


One person can make a difference but a team can generate real transformation.


Responsibility and Accountability

Every member of the team knows what they need to do and take full responsibility and accountability for doing it.


Effective Communication

We will talk to each other and our customers whatever the situation, you will always know what is going on and feel informed.



We all come to work because we enjoy what we do, it is important to smile and have fun.



We seek to simplify our processes, procedures and interactions.

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COVID-19 Status


Anopol remain open for business to support and partner our customers during this unprecedented time.
Anopol supply critical products and services into Healthcare, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors, alongside Engineering and Industrial sectors.