On-site Subcontract Services

Anopol offer comprehensive in-house and on-site subcontract services for cleaning, pickling, passivating and electropolishing of Stainless Steel with projects having been carried out by our site teams in the UK and throughout the world.


On-site services include technical advice, risk assessment, pre-commission cleaning, pickling and passivating of assemblies such as pipework systems. On-site spraying processes allow the pickling and passivating of large vessels and structures using only a small amount of chemicals to be carried out thus minimizing the volume of effluent requiring safe treatment and disposal.

Electropolishing of vessels on-site has included the treatment of PVC polymerizers 3.5m dia weighing 40 tons and many process and storage tanks for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and nuclear industries. Most contracts require only product contact surfaces, usually the inside, to be electropolished allowing the vessel in itself to be used as the electropolishing processing tank.

All on-site work is carried out by trained technicians and chemists with all chemicals quality controlled by our in-house laboratory and delivered to site in UN approved containers. Effluent is collected for neutralization prior to disposal either through the site sewerage system or for return to Anopol.

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