Plant and Processing Equipment


The ultimate specification for processing production items will be influenced by one of the following:

  • The client already uses a metal finishing process for which he now requires replacement equipment or, alternatively, he wishes to upgrade to a semi or fully automatic system.
  • The client has used an electroplating supply-house to produce satisfactory samples and now needs equipment in which to operate the finishing process. ANOPOL is prepared to work closely with the supply-house to arrive at the correct plant specification.
  • The client has a requirement for pickling, passivating or electropolishing stainless steel using processes from ANOPOL. Electropolishing treatments for other metals are also available.

Following final sample acceptance, production batch sizes, cycle times, space allocation and details of services required are considered and incorporated into the specification.


Employing the latest CAD techniques, ANOPOL is able to design equipment to satisfy a whole range of specifications. Plant layout and foundation drawings, together with details and location of services required (electricity, water, etc.) are produced and submitted to the client for discussion and approval.

38 stage fully enclosed 4 transporter automatic plant (exterior)

During the design stage, special consideration is given to materials to be used in the construction of the equipment, particularly with regard to corrosion resistance, life cycle and durability in service.


On completion of the design work, detailed drawings are finalised and schedules produced to plan and monitor the progress of the subsequent manufacturing stages. We pride ourselves on the use of quality materials and the high standard of workmanship and technology employed during the manufacturing processes.

On automatic systems we incorporate the latest computer technology allowing computer interface with a simple step sequence programming language. This enables the client to program rapidly several different operating cycles without expensive specialist reprogramming of the software. In addition to dedicated finishing equipment, we also offer plant refurbishing services and supplies of replacement items such as tank heaters, various pumps and jigs in titanium and other metals.

Installation & Commissioning

Small manually operated systems can often be installed by customer’s own personnel using the instructions provided by ANOPOL.

Larger, more complex turnkey plants are best installed by our experienced engineers. Such plants are normally constructed in a modular format to reduce installation times and are fully assembled for a ‘dry run’ trial prior to delivery to the customer’s works. As a general rule, clients are invited to attend the dry run approval so that any minor modifications or improvements can be incorporated before delivery of the equipment.

Commissioning follows installation and at this point the customers operatives and engineers are encouraged to become fully familiar with the operation of the equipment and the relevant maintenance procedures. Operating manuals, wiring diagrams and data sheets, when applicable are provided to the client at this stage.

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