Subcontract Processing Services

Anopol offer comprehensive in-house and on-site subcontract services for cleaning, pickling, passivating and electropolishing of Stainless Steel with projects having been carried out by our site teams all over the UK and in several European countries.

Subcontract Services

Anopol operates the largest sub-contract facilities in the UK for pickling, passivating and electropolishing of stainless steel from a number of facilities.

The range of stainless steel fabrications and components treated by Anopol is wide and diverse. Industries using its services include food and beverages, automobile, building and construction, medical and pharmaceuticals, paper and pulp, aerospace, nuclear and electronics.

Stainless steel castings, spinnings, forgings, pressings, extrusions and welded fabrications are processed on a regular basis.


An extensive range of plant and equipment is installed at both of Anopol’s facilities, for the purpose of electropolishing stainless steel items of all sizes, from miniature medical implants to 7 metre long agitator shafts.

Anopol’s service also extends to electropolishing large fabrications away from its own Works. Projects have been undertaken in several European countries and also in countries as distant as India.

An electropolished finish is usually smooth and highly reflective. By introducing an additional procedure, it is possible for Anopol to achieve an off-bright ,satin finish.


Anopol’s sub-contract facilities are equipped with large tanks of special chemicals, with overhead cranage, for immersion pickling of large fabrications. Items too large for immersion are spray pickled and can be processed at Anopol’s facilities, at the fabricator’s premises or in-situ.

Anopol also has a range of smaller tanks for pickling bulk items. The resulting finish from all these procedures is generally matt grey.


Where passivation is specified, usually following pickling, Anopol can carry out the necessary procedure. Chemical passivation will accelerate the formation of an oxide layer, but does not normally alter the visible condition of the surface.

Titanium & other special metals

Anopol has undertaken several projects involving chemical pickling of other metals such as titanium. Electropolishing of both pure and alloyed titanium has also been carried out, for example.

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