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Since its formation over 45 years ago, Anopol has strived and succeeded in becoming the leader in chemical surface treatments for stainless steels and other exotic metals.

Expertise in the art of electropolishing remains the main foundation upon which the company was built. This expertise extends from processing items as small as stent implants to treating the internal surfaces of huge polymerisation vessels over 3 metres in diameter and weighing 40 tonnes.

In addition to offering extensive sub-contract services, the company is also active in the field of designing and manufacturing plant and equipment for companies that wish to carry out their own in-house processing. Plants can be manual or fully automatic, with the option to house the entire operation in fully enclosed cabinets. One of the key tasks of Anopol’s Engineering Department is to ensure that the customer carries out the surface treatment correctly and that the plant and equipment are kept in good working condition. On the chemistry side, a qualified chemist and laboratory ensure that processing solutions are maintained for obtaining satisfactory results.

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